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West Nile Virus Program

The West Nile Virus program is partially funded by Pa DEP. The program includes both surveillance and control of mosquito populations. Traps and control locations are based on previously obtained data; however, complaint calls can help locate new mosquito populations for observation and control. Collected larval and adult samples are sent to DEP labs and may be tested for various mosquito borne diseases, such as West Nile Virus.

When large populations are detected, vector control will search the area for breeding grounds. These breeding grounds can then be treated to reduce future populations. Monroe County focuses on larval control versus adult control of mosquitoes; we contribute our regions exceptionally low number of human cases to this control focus. When West Nile Virus thresholds are reached, adult control may be used to protect the health of the surrounding communities.

In addition to the typical Pa DEP surveillance and control programs, we have started a ‘Pre-Treatment Project.’ This project consists of digitally mapping the potential and known breeding grounds throughout Monroe County. This is accomplished using GPS data and environmental data for each potential breeding ground. This data will then be entered into Arc GIS and updated constantly to provide new and accurate data each year. This will allow us to pre-treat breeding grounds more effectively each year to prevent adult emergence from these breeding grounds, effectively reducing any West Nile Virus risk in that area.

If you have large adult populations or known breeding grounds in your area, please contact Monroe County Vector Control.

Please click on "Mosquito Complaint Form" link to submit mosquito complaints, or call/email the vector control office.

For more information regarding mosquito control and mitigation, please visit the links under “Educational Material”.