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Foster Care

Foster family care is a social service that provides substitute or interim family living for children who, for various reasons, are unable to remain in their own homes and must be separated from their natural or legal parents.

The purpose of foster family care is to provide children with experiences in family living which are essential to their constructive growth and development when their own parents are unable to provide this.

Foster family homes are selected and approved by the agency for placing and supervising children for whom the agency has accepted responsibility.

The agency works with all concerned including the child, his/her own family and the foster family. The goal is for the return of the child to his/her own family within a planned or reasonable period of time. When the return of the child is not feasible, the best possible alternative plan shall be made for the welfare of the child.

Would you like to be considered as a Foster Parent? Please complete the Questionnaire and either fax the completed form to (570) 420-3613 or mail the completed form to:

Monroe County Children and Youth Services
730 Phillips Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

 (570) 420-3590

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