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Small Games of Chance Licenses & Fees

 Any "eligible organization" can conduct small games of chance for the purpose of raising funds for the promotion or "public interest purposes".

Small Games of Chance

  • Only qualifying eligible organizations which have been in existence at least one year may apply
  • Eligible organizations – charitable, religious, fraternal or veterans, club holding a liquor license and is an exempt organization under section 501 (c) or 527 of the IRS code
  • Games of chance license valid for one calendar year from issue
  • Individual prize limit not to exceed $2,000
  • Aggregate prize limit not to exceed $35,000 in any seven-day period
  • Raffle prize limit not to exceed $15,000 in any calendar month
  • Special raffle permits are available for raffles in excess of raffle prize limit, but not to exceed $150,000
  • Volunteer fire, ambulance or rescue organizations may, in addition to the $150,000 award up to $100,000 from raffles
  • Regular small games of chance license fee - $125.00
  • Monthly small games of chance license fee- $25.00

Special Raffle Permit Fee

Special raffle permit fee - $25

  • An eligible organization may receive up to (10) ten special permits in any license term, EXCEPT
  • Volunteer fire, ambulance or rescue organization that is not a club licensee shall be eligible to receive up to (12) twelve special permits in any licensed term
  •  List of eligible Monroe County Municipalities in which a chance may be sold is available below
  • Completed application form Rev.1752. Review all documentation requirements listed on the bottom of page 2 of application
  • If any information contained on form Rev.1752 changes, the organization must notify Treasurer’s Office within 15 days of change 
  • Texas hold Em's are NOT legal games of chance under the Small Games of Change Act


Reporting Requirements

  • Eligible organizations that are classified as clubs are required to electronically report semi-annually to the Department of Revenue .