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DD214 - Certificate of Release or Discharge/Seperation Document

It is recommended to record your Certificate of Release or Discharge document known as a DD214 (member 4) for WWII Veterans this would be your Discharge/Separation paper at your local county Recorder of Deeds Office. There is no charge for this service. 

Why is it important to file your DD214?

Recording your DD214 will protect your document against fire, theft or misplacement. This is your only evidence of active military service under Federal Law. By Law the Department of Veterans Affairs as do other government agencies require proof of Federal Active Military Service for all types of benefits both non-VA and VA. All Veterans from 1950 to the present time have a DD214 issued, those who have served during WWII do not possess a DD214, there document is known as a Discharge/Separation paper issued between 1941 and 1946: War Department Document No. 55-53. The only exception to the DD214 or Discharge/Separation Paper is a Certificate of Military Service issued in lieu of the original aforementioned documents.

In case of misplacement of these documents and/or they were never recorded at your local courthouse certified copies can be obtained online at the Veterans
Service website  or by a SF180, which our office will assist you with.

Additional Information

  • Veterans who have a in-line of duty injury, wound or illness recorded in their military medical records prior to separation and are continuing to have medical problems with such condition(s) should consider applying for disability compensation. Newly separated Veterans should apply within the first year of leaving active military duty or sooner. A Veteran may apply any time during their lifetime, but the earlier you file the better your chance of a successful claim.
  • All VA benefits are not automatic. The Veteran is entitled to apply , but Federal entitlement is established by the VA based on the evidence provided by the Veteran.
  • VA Medical Centers provide a healthcare program to qualified Veterans this program includes pharmacy. There is not just a pharmacy program and this is not a health insurance program.
  • If you have or are treating for what you believe was or is a service disability prior to filing a Federal VA Disability Claim, keep a good record of the name and address of your civilian doctors along with the dates of your treatment. When you file a claim you will need such records to assist you in the filing process. You can also obtain copies of your medical records from your doctors by signing consent of release form.
  • In Line of Duty. This is the military medical determination and treatment of a health related issue that occurred to you while in the Armed Forces. It is a part of your official service medical records.
  • When you officially file for a disability compensation of non-service disability benefit other records that are essential are as follows:
      •       Marriage license
      •       Divorce decrees
      •       Death certificate
      •       Birth certificates of dependent children
      •       Adoption papers of dependent adopted children
      •       Legal name change court order (if a veteran changes name after military service)
      •      For those who file as a former POW any documents in possession of the veteran showing his/her status
      •      All civilian medical records and/or names, addresses, and phone number of civilian doctors along with dates of treatment