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PLEASE BE ADVISED: All persons entering the Courthouse must do so through the new building entrance on Monroe Street.

Requirements for Requesting Personal Property Sales


For additional service requirements, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office at (570) 517-3312 or email the Sheriff Ofice - Personal Property Division

IMPORTANT - Properties are sold sight unseen and subject to all liens.  -----   PLEASE READ The Conditions of Sale for Real Estate

The advance deposit for all personal property executions is $250.00. If a vehicle is to be towed and stored the required deposit is $1,500.00. For heavy equipment, trailers, and/or requests for storage of all personal property until the time of the sale or anything other than a vehicle, please contact our office to get a deposit quote. All deposits must be in the form of cash, money order, cashiers check or Pennsylvania attorney check made payable to the Sheriff of Monroe County. We can not accept personal, business, certified or out of state checks. We reserve the right to request additional monies.

Please Note:   “Notice – Sale of Property – IRS”  and “Notice – Sale of Property - PA Dept of Revenue” will no longer be required in hard copy form.   The Internal Revenue Service and PA Dept of Revenue require electronic filing of all Sheriff’s Sales.  The Sheriff’s Office will be submitting the case information electronically, therefore a hard copy is not needed for these two forms.


  • Writ of Execution Notice - This will be prepared by the Prothonotary Office. It includes the Writ of Execution Notice, Claim for Exemption, and List of Major Exemption forms. unless your Writ of Execution is from a county other than Monroe, you do not need to provide the Notice and Exemption forms.
  • Sheriff Service Process Receipt 

    (After clicking on the Sheriff Service Process Receipt, select the option to SAVE the file to your PC, type in the blanks, and return with your service paperwork.) MS Word is required to open the Sheriff Service Process Receipt.)

  • You will need two (2) completed , signed Sheriff Service Process Receipts for each Writ of Execution. Other counties service forms will not accepted. The ONLY time you need to provide more than two (2) Sheriff Service Process Receipts is if you have two (2) or more defendants.
  •  Please include all address information in #9 - Special Instructions Or Other Information That Will Assist in Expediting Service on one Service Process Receipt. 
  • If you have any garnishments you will need additional Sheriff Service Process Receipts for each garnishee. Please note that if we are only to serve a garnishment, you only need the one form for the garnishee.
  • An addressed, stamped envelope for each defendant. Please be sure to use the Sheriff of Monroe County as the return address.