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House Arrest & ARD
ARD Special Aspects in Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Cases

You cannot get ARD in any of the following situations:

  • You were found guilty of DUI or accepted ARD on a DUI charge in PA or any other state within the ten years before your current DUI offense.
  • You caused an accident where someone else was killed or suffered serious bodily injury as a result of the accident.
  • A passenger under 14 years of age was in the vehicle you were driving.

ARD probation is twelve months in length.

  • ARD costs about $1,000.00, between court costs, safety school, and probation fees. Plan accordingly.

License suspension begins on the day you receive ARD in the Common Pleas Court.

  • Until then you may drive if you are insured and properly licensed. Your driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days if your BAC was at least .10%, but less
    than .16%. If your BAC was .16% or higher, or is unknown due to test refusal*, or if there was an accident resulting in non-serious bodily injury to anyone, (including yourself), or in damage to a vehicle or other property, then your license will be suspended for 60 days. Drivers under age 21 receive a 90 day suspension. * Penn Dot suspension for test refusal is an additional year.

You must:

  • Successfully complete an alcohol highway safety education program. It’s one night a week for four weeks or for eight weeks, depending primarily upon the outcome of your CRN evaluation.  School cost runs $300.00 or $450.00, depending on the length.  Severe impairment cases may require you to successfully complete further recommended treatment and pay the associated costs.

  • Pay a DUI processing center fee of $35.00 per month for six consecutive months beginning in the month in which you received ARD from the court.  At times community service may be ordered by the Court.

  • Pay the court costs of your criminal case, and you must pay a supervisory fee of $35.00 per month for every month you are on probation plus additional fees. Non-payment of ARD costs can result in ARD revocation.

An Occupational Limited License (OLL) may be available:

If you get a DUI suspension of one year and have never had a prior DUI offense. You must first serve 60 days of your suspension.  If your DUI suspension is for 18 months, on a 1st or 2nd Offense, then you might be able to get an OLL after you first serve 12 months of your suspension.  Please contact PENNDOT for further information and necessary/forms.  There is a fee. You must make the necessary arrangements.

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