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PLEASE BE ADVISED: All persons entering the Courthouse must do so through the new building entrance on Monroe Street.

Office of Emergency Management - Training

Fall 2023 Monroe County NEMT Class Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday 1900-2200 (7pm to 10pm)

Saturday Classes 0900-1500 (9am to 3pm)

Gregory J. Drake 
Monroe County EMS Coordinator 
Phone- 610-559-4244 
E-Mail emt2222@rcn.com


Instruction for late starts or cancellations will have announcements made via Facebook


   MCPSC – 1-570-992-4113 and follow prompts

Fire Training

Course Questions and Registration

To register for any training courses or for any questions regarding any training courses, please contact Bill Edinger at (570) 992-4113 or email BIll Edinger

Registration Form

MCPSC Course Registration Form

Course Cancellations

In the case of a course being canceled, all students registered will be notified via email. 

All cancelations will also be posted on the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management Facebook page. 

EMS Training Program Statistics

EMT: 13 attended/7 completed/6 certified
EMR: 9 attended/ 7 completed/ 4 certified

EMT: 31 attended/19 completed/14 certified

EMR: 13 attended/11 completed/5 certified

EMT: 44 attended/26 completed/ 20 certified
EMR: 22 attended/18 completed/ 9 certified