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Employment Opportunities

News Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Employment Opportunities
Immediate Job Openings Are Available !
This information is intended to assist those individuals that are interested in seeking employment as a Caseworker I, Caseworker II, Social Services Aide I, Social Services Aide II, or Casework Supervisor I within the Monroe County Children and Youth Agency.

** Immediate Job Openings Are Available ** 

To qualify for consideration for a job opening within the Children and Youth Agency, you must first visit the State Civil Service web site Local Government -Social Services and apply to take the test(s) relative to your qualifications. After you have completed testing, you will be placed on the Civil Service list and remain there  for 2 years.

Monroe County must use the Civil Service list to fill a position.
  •  An availability survey is sent to all individuals on the list.
  • The survey must be returned per the instructions by the due date indicated.
  •  You will then be contacted to schedule an interview with the agency. 

​Contact Information:

Monroe County contact information should you have any questions regarding the application process:

Donna Ace
Monroe County Children and Youth
Phone: (570) 420-3590 Ext. 3259