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U.S Government Headstone/Markers Regulations as of December 27, 2001

Under Federal Law, Department of Veterans Affairs provides (1) headstone/marker for an unmarked Veteran's grave to any Veteran who has passed away prior to December 27, 2001. An unmarked grave is a grave that does not already have a headstone/marker on it.
Under Federal Law, Department of Veterans Affairs will provide (1) headstone/marker for any Veteran’s grave whether or not the grave is marked or unmarked if the Veteran has passed away on or after December 27, 2001. In other words, per the new law, which took effect December 27, 2001, if there is already a headstone/marker on the Veteran’s grave it will be allowable to also have a government marker/headstone placed on the same grave.
Monroe County. a 4th class county of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is permitted under County Code to provide a maximum installation fee/reimbursement of $100.00. This benefit only applies to wartime Veterans. Monroe County is not permitted by law to pay the above fee for peacetime Veterans.

Monroe County provides by regulation (1) flag holder for the Veteran’s grave and/or a replacement flag holder and (1) U.S. Grave Flag for the holder on Memorial Day (yearly).

Monroe County provides by regulation $75.00 toward engraving/inscription of a privately purchased headstone existing upon the Veteran’s grave where a U.S. Government headstone/marker does not exist. The next of kin or personal representative may apply for this reimbursement toward this expense after they have presented a paid bill for all completed work by their contractor.
  • Flat granite marker
  • Flat marble marker
  • Flat bronze marker
  • Upright granite headstone
  • Upright marble headstone
  • Bronze niche (for mausoleum)
The Veteran’s name, rank, branch of service, time period of service, date of birth, date of death, and a religious emblem are inscribed on the marker/headstone.The spouse’s name can be included. 

Under Federal Contract with the supplier to the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs, i.e. Memorial Affairs, Washington, D.C., the contractor does not drill any holes in the “blank area” of the marker for a future date of death of the spouse.

It is recommended by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs/Memorial Affairs to have a private installer drill out the holes in the blank area before installation upon the Veteran’s grave.
U.S. Government headstones/markers are free to whomever may be ordering the same for the Veteran's grave.
All Veterans of any period of military service, who do not have a dishonorable discharge are eligible to apply for a government headstone/marker.