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PLEASE BE ADVISED: All persons entering the Courthouse must do so through the new building entrance on Monroe Street.

PA Sheriff's Association

Contact your local Sheriff’s office or for an application to become an honorary member or the Pennsylvania Sheriff's Association.

What is a Sheriff?

The office of Sheriff in Pennsylvania is a constitutional office. Each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties has a Sheriff. The term of each elected Sheriff is four years.

A Sheriff’s duties cover a wide area of responsibilities. As an elected office holder, the Sheriff is in a unique position to meet the needs of their constituents. Some Sheriffs have road patrol and criminal investigation responsibilities. Others have special details such as Drug or DUI enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Mounted units.

Pennsylvania’s Sheriff's trace their history back to England prior to the signing of the Magna Carta. Today’s Sheriff's are backed by some of the over 1,923 professional and well trained Deputy Sheriff's in Pennsylvania.

A Deputy Sheriff must at least 840 hours of training before he/she can graduate from the academy. In addition to this, deputies must complete regular in-service training to maintain their certifications.

Pennsylvania Sheriffs are a professional law enforcement agency hard at work accomplishing our mission: To Protect and Serve