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PLEASE BE ADVISED: All persons entering the Courthouse must do so through the new building entrance on Monroe Street.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Monroe County Department of Corrections has a zero tolerance for the sexual abuse or the sexual harassment of persons in our custody.  Regardless of age, size, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, staff is required to make every effort to keep the entire incarcerated population safe.  Any sexual overtures/advances, attempted sexual abuses, threats, intimidation, or assaults, by one or more detainees towards/against another, should be immediately reported to staff.

Incarcerated persons also have the right to be free of any sexual abuse or sexual harassment on the part of staff, volunteers and contracted personnel.  Staff is prohibited by law and by policy from engaging in sexual activity with incarcerated persons regardless of consent.  Any sexual contact is prohibited, except in the context of proper searches and medical examinations.  Verbal harassment of a sexual nature, including but not limited to, derogatory or demeaning comments about a person’s body is also prohibited.  In the rare instance an incarcerated person encounters such an unprofessional staff member; he or she is encouraged to immediately report the behavior. 

If faced with sexual abuse or harassment by other detainees or staff, the subject has several options for reporting:

  •  Verbally reporting to any staff member
  •   Putting report in writing using a request slip
  •   Anonymously reporting in writing using a request slip
  •   Filing an emergency grievance form
  •   Calling the PREA reporting hotline via the inmate phone system
  •   Third parties

Reports can be submitted anonymously, but the more information provided; the easier it will be to investigate the matter.  Information concerning the identity of a victim of a sexual assault and the details of the report itself, will be limited to those who have the need-to-know in order to make decisions concerning the victim’s welfare and for law enforcement/investigative purposes.

If identified as a victim of sexual assault, the subject will be offered immediate protection from further harm and will be referred for medical examination and clinical assessment.