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For additional information regarding these services contact Children and Youth at (570) 517-3590. 

Adolescent Crisis Services consist of two programs: the first is a Family Preservation Program of intensive counseling and support delivered in the homes of families with adolescents who are at imminent risk of being placed outside of their homes.

Workers are on call 24 hours a day to provide help with practical problems, individual counseling, family counseling, and crisis intervention depending on the specific needs of each family. The second program is the Adolescent Intervention Program that conducts all of the activities of the Family Preservation Program; however, the identified child must be an adolescent who is being transitioned from a juvenile probation placement.

The goal is to remove the risk of placement (or return to placement) of the adolescent by concentrating on the strengths of the family while trying to reduce the negative interactions taking place within the family system.
Children and Youth Services offer all interested individuals information about Children and Youth Programs in the community and neighboring counties. Depending on needs, Children and Youth Services can provide direct services or refer clients to other agencies.
The Intensive In-Home Services Unit (IIHS) was developed to work with families where a child has been identified to be at risk of abuse and neglect. IIHS is a treatment oriented unit where caseworkers use reality based therapeutic techniques designed to empower clients to make changes themselves to reduce the risk of abuse to the child.

The goal of the unit is to protect children and youth while keeping families together. In addition to counseling, IIHS offers Life Skills Education, Parenting Education, Parent and Youth Advisors and 24 hour crisis intervention.

Monroe County Children and Youth Services provides a variety of other services to both individuals and families.
Most children and youth become at risk of abuse and neglect due to dysfunction in their family system. Monroe County Children and Youth Services provide a variety of services to help troubled families and protect children from abuse and neglect. 
Services ranging from occasional counseling and case monitoring sessions to as many as 30 hours per week of supportive services provided to families and group counseling for perpetrators, family members and victims of abuse are available through Children and Youth Services in cooperation with other individuals and agencies in the community. If children must be placed outside of their homes, Children and Youth Services maintain its own Foster Care Program and contracts with independent foster care providers to accommodate a variety of individual needs.

In addition, Children and Youth contracts with providers throughout Pennsylvania and other states for residential services for children in need of specialized treatment.
Supportive services are designed to assist children, parents and family units in functioning more effectively and handling problems facing them.

These services include, but are not limited to individual and group counseling, Independent Living Skills education, supervised recreational and social activities, supportive tutoring and Day Care assistance. Intensive in-home services are offered by an Intensive Unit and a C & Y Intensive Big Brother/Big Sister type program (Advisor Program).

These and other services are offered to children placed outside of their homes.