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Protective Services/Elder Abuse 

If you suspect Elder Abuse call 1-800-498-0330!  Please don't send an email to Area Agency on Aging.


Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. If you know someone 60 years of age or older that you believe is at risk of neglect or abuse, call us
at 1-800-498-0330 (toll-free). 

Protective Services is available 24 hours a day.

What to look for: 

Be attentive to an elderly person's physical well-being. Look for any abrasions, bruises, fractures, burns or any other injury - these may be signs of physical abuse.

Look for signs of psychological abuse such as threats, intimidation or humiliation. Signs may include low self-esteem, withdrawal, extreme changes in mood, suicidal behavior, confusion or disorientation.

Be watchful of signs of neglect, such as poor hygiene, malnutrition, improper medication, or soiled clothing.

Look for an unusual or large bank account withdrawal. This may be a sign that someone is exploiting the elderly person's financial resources.

Keep an eye out for the common signs that thy may be falling prey to a scam, such as frequent calls from telemarketers, shoddy home improvement work, numerous product purchases or ongoing charitable or religious donations. The loss of what may seem a minimal amount of money to someone with an average income may result in an elderly person having to go without food, medication or possibly his or her home.

Talk about their daily activities and contacts to ensure that nothing unusual is occurring or being concealed.