​Election Polling Places Application
Election Polling Places Application
The Monroe County Elections office is pleased to announce a new Election Polling Site application.
As a joint effort between the Monroe County Elections Office and Planning Commission, citizens can locate their polling place, and obtain information about currently elected officials in their community from a smartphone, tablet and desktop computer by using the County’s GIS Program.

The Election Polling Site application offers a simple way for voters to find their election polling place. When a voter enters their address, the application will select the appropriate polling place and highlight it, along with the respective voting precinct, on the map. In addition, relevant information about that polling place and currently elected officials will be presented in a series of tabs at the bottom of the application.

This feature can be used by citizens during an election season, but can also be used throughout the year to contact federal, state and county representatives representing their precinct.   
Click here to access the Election Polling Places Application