Announcements: Pennsylvania to Launch Online Application for Absentee Ballots


Pennsylvania to Launch Online Application for Absentee Ballots


Harrisburg, PAAs part of Governor Tom Wolf’s commitment to making voting more convenient, Pennsylvania is launching a new option for voters to apply online for an absentee ballot
starting with the November election. In August 2015, Governor Wolf launched
online voter registration. Since then, more than 1.4 million voter registration applications or changes have
been submitted online.
In previous elections, voters’ only choice was to complete a paper absentee ballot application and mail or hand-deliver it to their county election office for processing.
“Applying for an absentee ballot online will make the process faster and more accessible for thousands of voters,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “This builds on the option
to register to vote online which Pennsylvania launched four years ago and it will provide an easier way for people to exercise their right to vote.”




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