Disabled Person Dog License

Pennsylvania state law mandates that all dogs 3 months or older must be licensed. Dog Licenses must be purchased by January 1st of each year regardless of when the license was purchased the previous year.

Dog Licenses can be purchased on line at PA Dog License.
To purchase a dog license in person:

County Treasurer
Monroe County Administration Building
One Quaker Plaza Room 103
Stroudsburg PA 18360

To purchase a dog license by mail:

Mail the completed license to the address listed above with a check made payable to the County Treasurer. If disabled, include a copy of the handicapped placard or Medicare disabled number.
Fees & Application

​$ 6.50 for a male of female dog
$ 4.50 for a neutered male of spayed female dog

Please provide a copy of your Social Security Disability of SSI award letter. Person with a disability is as follows:
"A person who received disability insurance or supplemental security income for the aged, blind, or disabled under the Social Security Act(49 Stat. 620, 42 U.S.C. Section 301 et seq.) or who has a handicapped plate under 75 PA.C.S. Section 1338 (relating to handicapped plate and placard)."