Repository Tax Sale

In order to establish a procedure to minimize the number of properties that the County holds because of delinquent tax claims, the list of Repository for Unsold Properties was created. Any property that remains unsold after the upset sale and the judicial tax sale will appear on this list. The minimum bid is $800.00 per parcel, plus filing fees. Interested parties can fill out a bid sheet and submit it to the Tax Claim Bureau for processing. Properties are conveyed free and clear of all tax and municipal claims, mortgages, liens and charges and estates of whatsoever kind, except ground rents separately taxes. Sale procedures held at the discretion of the Bureau. 

Repository Sale Bids will be accepted as follows:

Sealed bids on 4/4/22.  Items that must be included:

  1. ​​Completed Bid Sheet (available on the web)
  2.  Completed Affidavit 1 per Purchaser (available on the web)
  3. Money Order or Cashier’s Check – Amount to include:  ​
    • ​ Bid Amount = Minimum Accepted $800.00
    • Recording of Deed Fee = $109.75 
    • Reality Transfer Tax = Bid Amount X 1% X 2 

If you are looking to purchase a TRAILER, please contact the Office for amounts. 

Property will be awarded to highest bidder on 4/4/22 who has all items above
included when placing the bid. 

Starting 4/5/22 – 6/10/22, Bids will be on a first come, first receive basis with all of the above items included when placing a bid. 


When placing a bid on a Chestnuthill Township property, be sure to have your approval letter from the Township Supervisors submitted with your bid.

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

The Tax Claim Bureau makes no representation nor offers any warranty on any property sold at any tax sale. You buy these properties at your own risk. No refund is given for any property sold at any tax sale, unless by court order. We urge you to consult an attorney before you purchase a property at tax sale.