About Us

The over 600 square miles of Monroe County runs from densely populated areas and valleys to sparsely populated mountain regions.

Bounded on the east by both the Delaware River and the Appalachian Trail and the west by the Lehigh River, Monroe County is one of the most diverse counties in Pennsylvania. It is also one of the fastest growing counties, with a population soon to exceed 170,000.

Residents are served by a staff of 47 professionally trained Deputy Sheriffs and civilian personnel who dedicate themselves to working for you "the people" of Monroe County.

In addition to providing daily services to the courts, the Sheriff's Office provides the many police agencies with supplemental, high quality, diversified, and cost-effective law enforcement services.

The Deputy Sheriff's Training Academy, located in Penn State University, Main Campus, State College, Pennsylvania, provides newly appointed deputies with mandated up-to-date certified instruction. Each deputy must then attend continuing education every two years as instructed by Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to maintain their certification.

The training and knowledge received at the Academy and Continuing Education Class prepares Deputy Sheriffs for diverse assignments such as Criminal/Civil Process and Investigations, Prisoner Transport and Extraditions, Vehicle Code, Court Security, and Juvenile Services to name a few.

Responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office

  • Security to the courts, courthouse, personnel and visitors, defendants and litigants
  • Courthouse security is provided 24/7 by our court security personnel. They cover the grounds, run the metal detectors, and search all bags.
  • Juvenile Transports
  • Prisoner transports
  • Civil Process – Complaints, Summons, Evictions, PFAs, Real Estate Sheriff Sales
  • PFAs – The Sheriff’s office can serve upon request at the Sheriff’s office located on the second floor of the Courthouse Annex. Information required is the name and address of the individual to be served.
  • Criminal Warrants
  • Senior Citizens Safety Program
  • Child identification and fingerprinting are done at various community events.
  • Prisoner Out mate Program - Prisoners doing community service projects (work detail)
  • McGruff Safety Programs
  • DARE - Drug Prevention Program - We are a proud supporter of the DARE program. At this time the DARE program is not currently requested by local school districts.