About Us

The Public Defender Office is created by the Public Defender Act. It is devoted primarily to criminal cases, not civil law suits or domestic cases, and includes the following types of matters, provided they occur within Monroe County, Pennsylvania: 

  • ​Adults charged with the commission of a crime;
  • Juveniles (age 10 to 17) charged with the commission of a crime (juvenile delinquency cases)
  • Preliminary hearings
  • County habeas corpus proceedings
  • County trials, including pre-trial and post trial matters
  • Superior Court appeals
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court appeals
  • Post conviction matters
  • Criminal Extradition proceedings
  • Probation and Parole matters
  • Mental health proceedings
  • Any other situation where representation is constitutionally required

In addition to the services required by the Pennsylvania Public Defender Act, the County requires that the Public Defender represent:

  • PFA Contempt
  • Parents of Children in dependency proceedings
  • Petitions for Contempt for failure to pay child support, court costs or fines where imprisonment is possible.

Michelle Akritis, Chandra Vitelli Bleice, Frederick M. Cutaio, Jason A. LaBar, Jason Leon, David Skutnik,
Robin Spishock, William A. Watkins. Noelle Wilkinson

Wilson Miller