About Us

The Office of Emergency Management began in the late 50’s and early 60’s as Monroe County Civil Defense, with a primary focus on nuclear attack by a hostile country. As Monroe County grew, it became apparent that the County’s population was more vulnerable to natural, human-made and technological hazards, than to a nuclear attack. With the development of an “All-Hazards” planning strategy, the transition from Civil Defense to Emergency Management began. Following this planning strategy, Monroe County Office of Emergency Management strives to operate using the nationally accepted “Emergency Management Cycle” – Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Monroe County, Pennsylvania, consisting of 16 townships, 4 boroughs and almost 170,000 residents, is located about 90 miles north of Philadelphia, 75 miles west of New York, and 116 miles east of Harrisburg. Today, the County stretches across 611 square miles of rural terrain, rolling hills, and farmlands to the more populated boroughs.

Services we provide:

Develop, review, and enhance the County's disaster preparedness and recovery plans for "All Hazards".


  • Coordinate and distribute those plans on a County-wide basis.
  • Conduct training and certification for Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Emergency Management Coordinators.
  • Provide emergency preparedness education for the surrounding community.
  • Operate, maintain, and enhance the County's Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • Manage and coordinate County-wide response to, and recovery from, natural and technological disasters.
  • Coordinate the County's disaster response/recovery needs with higher levels of government.
  • Review and approve various Commonwealth regulated facilities emergency plans.
  • Serve as coordination point for federal disaster relief programs.
  • Develop and deliver public information and education programs about disaster preparedness.
  • Plan, conduct, and critique exercises that test and improve preparedness.
  • Develop, distribute, and provide instruction on guidelines for businesses and industry disaster planning and continuity of operations. 
  • Survey county hazardous material locations under the Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Act.


Emergency Management's mission is to provide residents, businesses, industries and local governments of Monroe County with an integrated, comprehensive emergency management program through planning, training, and coordination of emergency response and recovery efforts, in order to minimize loss of life, property and natural resources during natural, human made or technological disasters. 


The goal of the Office of Emergency Management is to educate and plan with citizens and organizations of Monroe County, in order to cultivate a safer, less vulnerable community that successfully works together to migrate against; prepare for; respond to; and recover from all risks of disaster. 


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