About Us
‚ÄčThe strategic plan for accomplishing the Monroe County Coroner's Office mission must begin by identifying
core values which need to be preserved and defended by the Monroe County Coroner's Office in performing
its statutory mission.

Those values are: rigorous obedience of the Constitution of these United States; respect for the dignity
of all those we serve; compassion; fairness; and uncompromising personal and institutional integrity.
These values do not exhaust the goals which we wish to achieve, but they capsulate them as well as can
be done in a few words. Our values must be fully understood, practiced, shared, vigorously defended, and preserved.

Observance of these core values is our guarantee of excellence and propriety in performing the Monroe
County Coroner's Office Mission and Medicolegal investigative functions. Rigorous obedience to constitutional principles ensures that we always remember that constitutional guarantees are more important than
the outcome of any single interview, search for evidence, or investigation. Respect for the dignity of all
whom we serve reminds us to wield power with restraint. Fairness and compassion ensure that we treat
everyone with the highest regard for dignity and respect for civil and human rights. Personal and institutional integrity reinforce each other and are owed to the County in exchange for the sacred trust and great authority conferred upon us.

We who serve the community must regard this trust as the authorization for our power. Because the
success of the Monroe County Coroner's Office in accomplishing its mission is directly related to the support
and cooperation of the Citizens of Monroe County, these core values are the fiber which holds together
the vitality of our institution.