Monroe County Commissioners

2020 Commissioners
                     Commissioner John D. Christy, Chairman Sharon S. Laverdure, Vice Chairman John R. Moyer


Monroe County is under the administration of the County Commissioners; Chairman Sharon Laverdure, Vice Chairman John R Moyer, and Commissioner John D  Christy. The Commissioners are the chief governing body of the county of Monroe.

Their duties are mainly administrative in nature, with certain policy making and limited legislative authority.  Duties of commissioners include responsibility for voter registration, elections, veteran’s services, assessment of property, children and youth services, Area Agency on Aging Services, county fiscal management, prepare and adopt county budget, approve all contracts and agreements for county government, maintenance of county property as well as the appointment of individuals to numerous county boards, commissions and authorities.

The commissioners are also statutory members of the county salary board, county retirement board and of the prison board of inspectors of the county. They also are required to serve on the MH/MR Board of Directors and on the Pleasant Valley Manor Board of Directors.

The Commissioners are elected to serve four year terms.