Additional questions can be answered by contacting the Archives office at (570) 517-3189. 

  • ​No over the phone searches
  • Written request must contain an email address and phone number of the person requesting the search. Additionally, the written request must include a $5.00 search fee per last name. Only money orders will be accepted and made payable to Monroe County Archives.
  • Written information should contain the following search criteria:
    • Name - first name, middle, last name, Sr. or Jr. and all different spelling variations of the last name
    • Years to search
    • Type of search
  • Cost
    • $5.00 per last name search; fee is waived if search is requested in person
    • $1.00 per page for copies if copied by Archives
    • Exact amount required for payment, no refunds
    • Request must be a money order made out to the Monroe County Archives
    • Search will begin after money order for name search is received